How to make a book!


Writing stories can be a chore for some children but writing with a purpose – to make a story book- can be rewarding.  If the book is home made , even better as details such as publisher are enjoyed by the child.  The book described below has 8 pages:

front cover requiring an illustration, title, details of author and illustrator (probably the same person!)

inside front cover with details of publisher and date of writing

4 or 5 pages for the story

the back cover with blurb, price, publisher and ISBN number

This is for making an 8-page book

Fold a sheet of A3 paper into four.

Open out and number the pages a in the diagram 1.

Note that the page numbers at the top are upside-down!

Turn the paper over and number this side as in diagram 2.

Page 1 is the front cover and page 8 is the back cover.

Draft your story and illustrations for 4 or 5  pages and then create your final work  onto your paper remembering the orientation of the numbering – which must always be on the bottom of the page!

When you have completed your book, fold it back into four and carefully cut across the fold at the top.  Staple together and admire your work!

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