Joe and the Window

The cover for 'Joe and the Window' published November 2013

The front cover of ‘Joe and the Window’

Joe and the Window is for ‘reading together’.

The story tells of an ever-changing window that Joe passes everyday on his way to school fascinates him and he becomes increasingly involved in the displays.  When he learns that the lady who lives there is ill, he creates his own version of a window display for her.

There is also a short, true account by the lady whose window has provided such fun and amusement and has increasingly engaged many people, often complete strangers.

Sue Fox has been a primary school headteacher and a lecturer at the University of Cumbria.  She is the co-author of two books on mathematics for student teachers.

Irene Sanderson is an artist, illustrator and typographer living and working in Cumbria.

Profits are shared between organisations for the support of young people – Carlisle Key, an organisation to help young people move to independent living, and to two projects in Malawi: MOET, an orphanage and school and MACOBO, a community organisation that support youngsters.

Printed by H & H Reeds Printers, Penrith on fsc paper

The inside front and back covers of this book give a template for designing your own windows.  Make your own window displays!

Joe and the Window TemplatesUsing either a real window or an outline on paper:

  • you could make a display with the whole class that depicts their own neighbourhood or village/town/city.
  • use a window display as a creative part of an ongoing class topic.
  • link the display with the seasons and the festivals, events, nature and weather patterns.
  • children draw their own window from home (on the same size of paper) to make a big class window ‘patchwork’.




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